Don't mention the war (2008)

Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand

Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand

A pregnant nun gives birth to a Bouffon
A submarine captain constantly on the watch
A languishing Don Juan with a rose for you
A salesman on a sacred mission
A lunatic in a dressing gown
Solafa from Cairo who’s had enough

With a predilection for the burlesque and a strong sense of visuality Charlie Åström directs a boundless and brave performance that won’t leave you unaffected. Don’t mention the war is about our mutual responsibility for what’s happening in the world today and our possibility to change it. Opening at Angereds Teater the 29th of February 2008.

dontmention5Direction, script, set and light design Charlie Åström, Studio Oscuro Costume design and props Christine Åström, Studio Oscuro Music Björn Knutsson Video Erik Jeppsson & Marcus Johansson Make up design Gunnar Lundgren Dramaturge Lena FridellSound technique Johan Karlsson Video technique Martin Fremling Light technique Åsa Holtz Svensson Carpenter and technique Kjell Samuelsson Seamstress Ulrika Kärrö Producer and marketingLisa Nowotny Information and school contacts Lisa Gröön Administration Malin Andersson On stage Phax Ahamada, Kave Foladi, Mauricio Franco, Solafa Ibrahim, Jill Ung, Ove Wolf.
The texts in the performance are created in cooperation between Charlie Åström, the ensemble and Lena Fridell.
Don’t mention the war is an Angereds Teater-production.

“The visual power of the tableaux is enhanced by the lack of words and hits the spectator with more than just the plot.”
From a review by Mikael Löfgren, Dagens Nyheter, 2008-03-02 

“The Rembrandt of Swedish theatre”

“… light play in different shapes: the bodies of the actors in silhouette, chiaroscuro images of tenderness and humiliation, spectacular entries from empty space and subtle animations on two big projection screens that covers the entire backdrop. This is, after all, the light designer’s show – and he demonstrates his mastery with pride and elegance.”
“This is theatre as visual poetry… “
From a review by Kristjan Saag, GT, 2008-03-03

“The calm and rhythmic scenes and scenarios strike me with totally unthought-of power, because it’s performed with such monstrously beautiful precision. The raw reality of war becomes strangely present put in glaring contrast to the unbearable lightness of the images.”
From a review by Anders Thuresson, Göteborgs Fria Tidning, 2008-03-07

“The most all-embracing pacifist post-dramatic theatre is however found at Angered.”
“The performance is spellbindingly beautiful, with richness in imagery and hypnotising music.”
“Charlie Åström deserves, perhaps more than anyone, the title theatrical artist. And he shows that the theatre can and shall speak about war, and pose the eternally recurring question: Why is there war again, why?”
From the article With the war on stage by Björn Gunnarsson, Helsingborgs Dagblad, 2008-03-15

“… poses questions that transfuse the audience even after the light has been switched of…”
From review by Vibeke Carlander, Borås Tidning, 2008-03-04

“It is a rather dark vision of the world and of the future that finally breaks out from the comedy and that contrasts the playful waywardness that characterizes the creation of the images.”
From review by Birgitta Johansson, Svenska Dagbladet, 2008-03-18

”… because of the beautiful and visionary set design, because of the row of images succeeding each other and reminding you of Charlie Åström’s special touch.”

“Go and watch it, at least once!”
From review by Åke S Pettersson, Nättidningen Alba, 2008-03-01