ECLIPSE - There's Always the Sun (2011)

Photo: Mattias Dellmo

Photo: Mattias Dellmo

A cooperation between Studio Oscuro (SWE) and Marq Rawls (BEL)

The 11 of August the last total eclipse of the millennium occurs. Minutes before the sky darkens existence is quietly overthrown, the birds end their singing and the cows start returning to the barn. The sun is still high in the sky while the cold and darkness approaches…

In ECLIPSE – There´s Always the sun the extraordinary feeling of time dissolving and the power of nature during the eclipse is recreated through light, sound, movement and scenic elements. The performance is an international stage art project and collaboration between Studio Oscuro and Marq Rawls, International Crossroads Festival Antwerp – Belgium. Together we create a physical and visual solo performance focusing on the complex relationship between man, time and nature.

Premiere at Hagateatern, Göteborg the 9th of December 2011

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Idea and on stage: Marq Rawls
Script: Charlie Åström, Christine Åström and Marq Rawls
Direction: Charlie Åström
Stage design: Christine Åström and Charlie Åström
Production in Sweden: Studio Oscuro
Production in Belgium: International Crossroads Festival, Antwerp
Touring technician: Bartek Kubiak

Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, City of Gothenburg, The region of Västra Götaland, Arts Grants Committee of Sweden, International Crossroads Festival, The Flemish Authorities, SACD – Scam* Sofam de Auteurs and Petra och Karl Erik Hedborgs Stiftelse

“Funny and absurd”

“It is obscure, mystic and suggestive when nature wanders the stage. Rawls every movement is carefully controlled merest breath highly efficient.”
“And surely both the disarming humor and the dark suggestiveness are successful.”
From review in GP by Mikaela Blomqvist 2011-12-13

Our poster on the door to the beautiful theater Tutti Fratelli, Antwerp.

Our poster on the door to the beautiful theater Tutti Fratelli, Antwerp.

19th and 20th of March 2012 at International Crossroads Festival, Antwerp Belgium
Tutti Fratelli 8.15 pm

Crossroads Festival is an international festival for visual theater. 2012 it was visited by performing companies and artists from countries such as Canada, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Greece, Spain and Italy.