Lucy (2013)

Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand

Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand


My name is Lucy and I lived in Africa more than three million years ago, in the country we today call Ethiopia. I have become world famous because the scientists think I am a predecessor of the humans living on earth today.

One day a strange creature appears, it is Lucy from the future and she has an important mission. This is our story…

Actually we know very little about how the human became human. It’s like a big puzzle where almost all pieces are missing. Lucy deals with questions about evolution and the origins of mankind in a curios and playful way. Archeologists, half apes and time travelers take us on an amazing journey through time, several billion years in less than one hour.


Script & visual concept: Charlie Åström & Christine Åström
Director: Charlie Åström
Costume design: Christine Åström
Music: Martin Fremling
Video: Reinhold Erzmoneit
Dramaturgy advisor: Lena Fridell
Seamstress: Ulrika Kärrö
Make up advisor: Gunnar Lundgren
Producer/marketing: Lisa Nowotny & Lovisa Pihl
Graphic form: Camilla Boström
Administration/information: Malin Andersson & Gunilla Mattsson

On stage: Fredrika Byman Moberg & Eleftheria Gerofoka.




Press about Lucy

From review in GöteborgsPosten 2013-03-01

”… extraordinarily beautiful stage art…”

“… exceptional journey through time… “


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