Suddenly I was super interesting (2011)

Photo: Mattias Dellmo

Photo: Mattias Dellmo

An evocative dance and theater piece about manipulation, abuse and media inspired by the vast material surrounding the Sture Bergwall/Thomas Quick serial killer case. 

Suddenly I was super interesting is a collaboration and a collective creation between Studio Oscuro, choreographer Dan Langeborg and artist Timo Nieminen. Together we create a physical monologue scenically exploring one of Sweden’s most debated court cases. Tens of thousands of pages containing pretrial investigations, medical record entries, a dozen books, TV-documentaries, articles, blogs – documentary material is filtered through body and tape recorder in a performance asking the fundamental question: Who is manipulating who?

Premiere at Atalante, Göteborg the 21st of November 2011




Idea and on stage: Timo Nieminen
Script: Charlie Åström, Christine Åström, Timo Nieminen and Dan Langeborg
Direction: Charlie Åström
Choreography: Dan Langeborg
Stage design: Christine Åström and Charlie Åström
Photo and graphics: Mattias Dellmo Production: Studio Oscuro
Supported by ABF Göteborg

“Heartbreaking about super interesting murder manipulator” –

“The piece has high integrity and a rewarding, intuitive quality created not least by Timo Nieminen’s body language.”

“The actor Timo Nieminen does a touching, lifelike character that draws on both an obsessive quality and a totally uncontrollable anxiety.”

“The dancer and choreographer Dan Langeborg has contributed with a dimension of movements that lifts the work and enhances the emotions.”

“Suddenly I was super interesting is in summary a welcome contribution to the constant analysis of Thomas Quick. Respectful and searching, yes, even a bit clarifying.
From review by Liv Landell Major, Nummer 2011-11-22

“Bizarre, forest scented and symbolic.”
From review by Kristjan Saag, GT-Expressen 2011-11-22

“Most interesting and most consummate is the scene where a tired and bored voice through a tape recorder in detail accounts for a crime reconstruction while Nieminen slowly moves in Dan Langeborgs delicately added choreography. Charlie Åström’s light gives a clear line to relate to.”

“Dancing twirls with cassette tapes like glittering lines in the darkness gives a beautiful image, while Santa Claus with empty plastic cans in his sack is tragic. Out of the fragments it’s up to the spectator to create his own image.”
From review in GP by Lis Hellström Sveningsson 2011-11-23

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