Det förlorade paradiset

Angereds Teater

Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand

Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand

”Det förlorade paradiset” – Paradise Lost by Christofer Bocker is inspired by a true story from Somalia about impossible love, and is based on interviews with Somalis in Sweden and Somaila.

Premiere the 12th of  October at Angereds teater, Göteborg






Script Christofer Bocker
Direction & set design Ulrich Hillebrand
Light design Charlie Åström
Music Martin Fremling & Jean-Louis Huhta
Director’s assistant Eleftheria Gerofoka
Dramaturgic advisor Lena Fridell
Technique Reinhold Ragge Erzmoneit, Martin Fremling
Marketing director Lisa Nowotny
Informer Lisa Gröön
Administration Malin Andersson, Gunilla Mattsson

On stage: Nasir Farah Dhagole, Johan Friberg and Ifrah Nuur Muhamed.