Flotten, hemmet, sandlådan 2014


Photo: Ola Kjelbye

“In the sixties Kent Andersson & Co created a stir on the Swedish theater stage with the plays Flotten, Hemmet and Sandlådan. The group theater was born and there was a loud debate also outside the theater. Now Mattias Andersson and the ensemble examines the heritage after these influential plays and mixes them with interviews from today.”


By: Mattias Andersson, Kent Andersson och Bengt Bratt + interviews with Gothenburg citizens then and now.
Direction Mattias Andersson
Actors: Carina Boberg, Eric Ericson, Fredrik Evers, Sven-Åke Gustavsson, Henric Holmberg, Mia Höglund-Melin, Carina M Johansson, Lisa Lindgren, David Rangborg, Kjell Wilhelmsen, Disa Östrand
Extras: Mohamed Al-zayadi, Michael Fradkin, Didrik Fransson, Christian Hagberg, Mirella Hetekivi, Amina Hocine, Emilia Lambro, Mia Saarinen, Joshua Sjöö, Emelie Solano, Kevin Vega and Inger Hultén (previous employee at the theater)
Set and costume Ulla Kassius
Film projections Fredrik Egerstrand
Light design Charlie Åström, Studio Oscuro
Make up Maria Agaton
Music/sound design Anna Sóley Tryggvadóttir
Sound Jesper Lindell
Dramaturg Sisela Lindblom