Temple Independent Theatre Group, Kairo


Photo: Mostafa Abdel Aty



Written and directed by: Ahmed El Attar
with Abdelrahman Magdy, Dalia Ramzi, Hadeer Moustafa, Heba Rifaat, Menha El Batrawy, Menna El Touny, Mohamed Hatem, Mona Soliman, Moustafa Abdullah, Nanda Mohammad, Noha El Kholy, Ramsi Lehner, and Teymour El Attar
Music, Hassan Khan Set and costume designer, Hussein Baydoun
Light designer, Charlie Alstrom

Premiere the 1 of July 2018 at Théâtre Falaki, Cairo, Egypt
Premiere in Europe at Festival d’Avignon July 2018 and tourimg in France October 2018