Mother, I want to be a Millionaire

The Temple Independent Theatre, Kairo



Multimedia and “reality”, 51 controversial scenes in 60 minutes.

Opening the 9th of February at American University, Cairo. Guest performed at Göteborgs Dans och Teater Festival, Gothenburg and Berliner Festespiele, Berlin, Germany.

Direction and text: Ahmed El Attar
Music: Hassan Khan and Mahmoud Refat
Video: Hassan Khan
Set design: Hussein Baydon
Light design: Charlie Åström, Studio Oscuro
Light assistant: Saad Samir
Costume design: Jenny Ferguson
On stage: Ahmed Kamel, Hassan El Kreidli, Khaled Zaki, Mariam Ali, Ramadan Khater, Ramsi Lehner, Roba El Shamy, Salwa Mahamed Ali, Sayed Ragab, Waleed Marzouk, Aida (The Rabbit)