Peggy Pickit ser Guds ansikte

Angereds Teater

Foto: Anna Lamberg

Photo: Anna Lamberg

“Roland Schimmelpfennig is one of Germany’s leading contemporary dramatists and his work is performed all over the world. With the relationship drama Peggy Picket he’s trying to punctuate the European civilization’s lies about itself

Opening the 18th of February at Angereds Teater

Script: Roland Schimmelpfennig
Translation: Ulf Peter Hallberg
Direction: Johan Friberg
Set design: Anna Lamberg
Light design: Charlie Åström, Studio Oscuro
Music: Martin Fremling
Costume design: Ulrika Kärrö
Director’s assistant: Eleftheria Gerofoka
Puppeteer: Beate Persdotter Løken
Make up: Gunnar Lundgren
Technique: Åsa Holtz, Martin Fremling, Robert Lindblad
Prompter/intern: Kien Ngo
Producer, head of promotion: Lisa Nowotny
Promotion: Erika Isaksson
Administration: Malin Andersson, Gunilla Mattsson
Photo: Anna Lamberg
Theater director: Ulrich Hillebrand
On stage: Josephine Bauer, Stefan Gödicke, Anna Wallander, Ove Wolf