The Mental States of Sweden


Foto: Sören Vilks

Photo: Sören Vilks

“Is there any particular event in your life that you want to se staged at the national stage of Sweden? Truth mixed with fiction presented by the actors of the royal Dramatic Theater.”

Premiere the 14th of November at The Royal Dramatic Theater




Script & direction Mattias Andersson
Set and costume design Ulla Kassius
Light design Charlie Åström
Wigs and makeup design Linda Hyllengren
Composition and sound design Anna Sóley Tryggvadóttir
On stage Nanna Blondell, Lena B Eriksson, Björn Granath, Hulda Lind Jóhannsdóttir, Irene Lindh, Sofia Pekkari, Torkel Petersson, Alexandra Rapaport, Alexander Salzberger m fl.