Studio Oscuro offers customized light workshops and lectures to art- and culture schools, universities, cultural organisations and companies. Charlie Åström has more than 25 years practice from professional light design and technique, in combination with experience as set designer and director, working in projects in Sweden and abroad for instance in the The Middle East. He’s been teaching in light at Porthälla Gymnasiet (college), held lectures at universities and art schools and led light workshops and Master Classes on different levels in several countries and furthermore he’s had students and assistants from Sweden, Egypt, Mozambique and Palestine in productions he has worked in.

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ScenkonstbiennalenArtistic talk with Charlie Åström: The Ligt designer as set designer and director – development or trend? Scenkonstbiennalen 25 of May 2017

As long as there has been light design there has been light designers working with set, projections and in some cases directing.

What’s the appeal of doing several parts of a stage art piece? What are the benefits of taking control over the entire room, the visual expression and the narrative? Can there be backsides?

An artistic talk arranged by SLF (The Swedish Light designers Association) with light designers working outside the box with set and directing.


Building models at Studio Emad Eldin. Photo: Erik Jeppsson.

Building models at Studio Emad Edin. Photo: Erik Jeppsson.

Workshop in light, sound, video technique and set design, Studio Emad Eldin, Cairo –  March 2010

The collaboration from Creative Forum 2009 was continued when Charlie Åström together with Erik Jeppsson and Råger Johansson held a nine days workshop in Cairo, this time focusing on the artistic part of theatre technique. Working with a dramatic text the students were divided into groups to interpret key scenes out from space, light and sound. At the end of the project the models that the students had built and designed light for was put together and filmed and the sound score was added.

The workshop was produced by Mekanix and funded by the Swedish Institute in Stockholm.


Rigging at Rawabet. Photo: Studio Oscuro

Rigging at Rawabet. Photo: Studio Oscuro

Masterclass in light technique and design, Studio Emad Eldin, Cairo – March 2009

While working with the productions The Importance of being an Arab and The Committee Charlie Åström held a masterclass in lighting technique and design. The class started with basic theory at Studio Emad Eldin and after that the students followed and participated in the practical work of the productions, from idea to finished light design. The eight students that completed the class were given the opportunity to participate in the Studio Emad Eldin project 2b Continued, a two months workshop where young theatre workers receive professional tutoring while creating theatre productions later staged during a three days theatre festival

Working with the models. Photo: Studio Oscuro

Working with the models. Photo: Studio Oscuro

Training for Theatre Technicians, Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups, Alexandria – February 2009

In cooperation with set designer Råger Johansson and multi technician/producer Erik Jeppsson Charlie Åström carried out a nine days workshop program in light, sound, video technique and set design called Training for Theatre Technicians during the international theatre festival Creative Forum 1-10 of February in Alexandria, Egypt. It was intense days for the twelve students, who came from countries such as Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Theory was mixed with practical and creative exercises that finally resulted in a model that was lighted, soundtracked, filmed and projected.

The Film making students, photo: Studio Oscuro

The Film making students, photo: Studio Oscuro

Workshop in video light, Jesuit Culture Centre, Alexandria – February 2009

Charlie Åström held a two days workshop in basic film and video light at The Jesuit Culture Centre in Alexandria who runs a one year independent film making education. The workshop was built around the students previous work and their available equipment.

Building for Light exhibition.

Building for Light exhibition.

ABC Light Workshop Programme, Egypt 2006-2007

In 2006 Charlie Åström and Saad Samir initiated a unique workshop programme for light design and technique in Egypt. The workshop’s main objective was to focus on continuation and during a longer time span teach the students how to build, creatively use and maintain light equipment using their environment and existing means. This knowledge should come to direct use in the organisations the students are connected to. During a period of six months practical exercises were mixed with theoretical education and home assignments in between the three workshop occasions in Alexandria, El Minia and Cairo. The workshop was completed with a light exhibition at Studio Emad Eddin in Cairo.

The workshop was customized to fit every student’s personal needs and level of experience and the needs of the organization they are working with. Twelve students where chosen out from criteria prioritizing female student and geographic spread, great interest and that the students worked or did voluntary work for an organization that actively fights poverty and oppression through education and cultural arrangements.

The workshop turned in to a unique cooperation between different cultural organizations in Egypt and a strong meeting between young Egyptians, male and female with different religious backgrounds from cities and rural areas that learned from each others experiences. The workshop came to deal with light, continuation, creativity, self confidence and cooperation.

ABC Light workshop programme was a joint project between Studio Oscuro and Studio Emad Eddin, I-ACT, The Jesuit Culture Centre and The Jesuit’s and brother’s Association for Development, funded by Sida through the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm.

ABC Light workshop - Studio Emad Eldin, Kairo

ABC Light workshop – Studio Emad Edin, Kairo

Presentation of our partners:

Studio Emad Eddin, Kairo

A unique project in the Arab World, Studio Emad Eddin ( SEE ) offers rehearsal, training and residency space to independent troupes and artists in the field of performing arts in Egypt, the Arab World and, in the case of residencies, internationally. The aim of SEE is to strengthen the field of performing arts in Egypt, advocating cooperation and trust among artists, a policy of open access and promoting contacts and links among Egyptian, regional and international artists.

I-ACT, Alexandria www.iact-eg.org

I-ACT is a new international association that will work in the fields of development, training, organizing forums (theatre, music, cinema and plastic art), theatre production, and artistic exchange. The association will start by enriching the artistic scene in Alexandria, pushing forward the artistic revival that started in this cosmopolitan, Mediterranean city in the past few years, collaborating with the private, governmental, and foreign artistic centres and enhancing the ideas of independent artistic groups and NGOs.

The Jesuit Culture Centre, Alexandria www.ceremedjesuits.com

The CEREMED is the human and intellectual training and study department of the Jesuit Cultural Centre (J.C.C.) that is an independent non-profit organisation, founded under the authority of the Jesuit’s Fathers. The main purpose of the CEREMED is the understanding of the human development process inside Egypt, the Arab world and the Mediterranean area and to encourage the Egyptian university graduates to continue to read and discuss books, and to do research on their own society and culture open to other cultures and religions with the help of experts in seminars, workshops and training sessions in order to become efficient, open-minded promoters of human development in their society without any kind of segregation.

The Jesuit’s and brother’s Association for Development (JBA), El Minia
www.geocities.com/tiyeff/Jesuits_ and_Brothers_Association.html

The Jesuit’s and brother’s Association for Development (JBA) works in the field to empower the poor and underprivileged in rural and urban areas. The association also takes interest in qualifying the staff in order to help build creative capabilities and academic expertise required so they may master both knowledge and practise.