Revolution (2014)

Foto: Ulrich Hillebrand

Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand

When the Egyptian revolution breaks out director Charlie Åström finds himself on the spot in Cairo where he has travelled to prepare a tour with Angereds Theater.

Out from video interview with collegues and friends he now examines the relationship between art and revolution. We get to meet seven Egyptian artists whose lives and working situations changed dramatically the 25th of January when the revolution started.

With documentary material, movements, light and soundscape a picture of change as a possibility is drawn – both on a political and personal level.

Revolution is a performance about breaking patterns, shifting norms – and creating another world.

Script, direction, set and light design Charlie Åström Music/sound Martin Fremling On stage Eleftheria Gerofoka, Fredrika Byman Moberg, Ismail Hosny, Martin Fremling, Phax Ahamada and Charlie Åström

“Revolution” is created in cooperation with D-CAF and Studio Emad Eddin, Cairo – with support from The Swedich Arts Grants Commitée and Swedish Authors Fund.

Premiere “Revolution” 14 of November 2014 at Angereds teater, Andra Stället



Photo: Ulrich Hillebrand

“Charlie Åström’s personal revolution creates a complex and touching image of the Egytian struggle for freedom.”

“Charlie Åström is a multiskilled stage artist who creates unique, intriguing genres.”

“Most powerful is Charlie Åström’s own testimony, from the teargas filled apartment in Cairo as well as from his tough childhood. Through the humanbeing we can sense the complex image of the revolution. Is art an important feature? Go and see.”

Lis Hellström Sveningson, Göteborgs Posten 20141117